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Jewelry Care

We are putting effort in bringing jewelry for your everyday. You only require minor care for them to last for years. Jewelry might be additional but they are not something extra for sure. We would love to provide some helpful tips for you to handle and care your different kind of material based jewelry. 

Titanium Steel

Titanium based jewelry are hypoallergenic, light-weight, corrosion resistance. They wont turn rusty or turn black after used for a long time. Titanium based jewelry does tarnish depends on how its used. They are highly withstand towards water and sweat, so it's alright for you to wear during shower. Keep in mind that, chemicals are the biggest enemies. All of the jewelry is best to avoid from chemicals such as perfumes, lotion, skin care etc. Acid contain in the chemicals might cause the tarnish of jewelry. Titanium is easy to care, just prevent contact with any kind of chemicals will be fine. If you got it accidentally, rise them with water asap.

925 Silver

People always come to a question that, Can I wear my jewelry during shower? The answer will be a yes If you can ensure that you are having genuine sterling silver. Believe or not, wearing them even shower helps to polish your silver jewelry and makes your jewelry looks shiny. This only applicable for genuine silver jewelry but not any rose gold or gold plated jewelry. It’s fine for you to wear those gold plated jewelry during shower because there are not any super harsh chemicals in our tap water but just try to prevent contact with any shampoo or soap that may result in falling of gold plate. Always bare in mind that jewelry have to prevent any kind of chemicals. Do remember to take off your jewelry during swimming time, because most of the pool water contain chlorine that may react with silver.

General Jewelry Care


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